Conviviality Feast

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​Please join us for a virtual feast to celebrate Unser Hafen's 30th anniversary as a barony.

Saturday October 17th 6-8PM.

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Feast Begins 6:00PM
Ethereal Court 7:00PM
Feast Ends 8:00PM


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Wherever you are


Site Rules

— if you are of age and want it to be. Your house, your rules.
— your house, your rules!

Feast Menu

First Course 

        Cheese Pie & Jeweled Fruit
        Lemon Barley Water
Tasting Course - a bite or two of unusual things!
        Pumpkin Risotto a la Helene
        Rose Petal Chicken Salad
        Iced Blue Fish
Second Course
        Gulak Stew w/Earth Vegetables
        Buttered Dumplings
        Dressed Greens
Dessert Course
        Floating Island Bird’s Milk Pudding
        Cherry Boiled Pudding


Smoked Cheese and Spinach Pie

Disclaimer: there are many period cheese pie recipes. This isn’t one of them. It comes from ‘The Tassajara Recipe Book’. Smiling Bull uses this because Cheese Pie for 100 is intimidating! This has never failed for us.

Pie Shell
—> Mustard (Dijon, cheap yellow, stone ground, beer mustard, honey mustard, dry mustard).
—> 1/2 cup Grated Cheddar, 1/2 cup Parmesan, 1/2 cup smoked cheese (Gouda, Edam).
    * Substitute 1 cup Ricotta, 1/2 cup Fontina for a milder pie
    * Dairy Free - we think that 1 cup Tofu and 1/2 cup shredded tofu cheese would work much the same
    * 1/2 cup Brie, 1/2 cup Fontina, 1/2 Ricotta is very rich and creamy
—>2 cups washed and roughly chopped Spinach
     Fresh Kale, Parsley, Basil 2 teaspoons dried Oregano, Italian herb mix, Parsley
—> 1 cup mushrooms sliced.
    * If you HAVE to have meat, cook sausage breaking it up as you cook until the pieces are fully cooked. Drain on paper towels. We usually omit the mushrooms.
—> 1/2 cup milk And 1/2 cup half & half or heavy cream
    * I bet you could substitute coconut or almond CREAMER
—> Tabasco Sauce or Worcestershire


Makes 1 — 9” pie, preheat oven to 425


Brush the uncooked pie shell generously with mustard. Sprinkle shredded or pinches of cheeses/tofu/ricotta around the shell.


Slice the Spinach or other greens into 1/4” strips


Saute the mushrooms over moderate heat for 3 - 4 minutes, add spinach. If using sausage pre cook and saute the spinach in a separate pan. Spread mixture on top of cheeses.

Beat the eggs in a bowl, add milk/cream and Tabasco/hot sauce if using. Pour over vegetables & cheese in pie pan.


Bake for 15 minutes at 425, then lower the heat to 300. Bake for additional 25 - 30 minutes until a knife inserted in the center comes out clean. Remove from oven and cool for 15 - 20 minutes.


If it is watery tip pan over sink and pour extra water out, return to oven for 5 +/- minutes until a knife comes out clean.

Gluten Free: can be cooked without a shell. Mix dried mustard into eggs/milk mixture. If all you have is regular mustards add those and reduce milk slightly.


Smoked Cheese and Spinach Pie (short version)

Uncooked Pie Shell
1/2 cup smoked cheese
1/2 cup cheddar cheese
1.2 cu Asiago cheese
        All shredded!
1 cup mushrooms, sliced and lightly sauteed
3 eggs
1/2 cup whole milk & 1/2 cup cream
2 cups Spinach washed & dried

Brush pie shell with mustard. Sprinkle cheeses evenly through pan. Saute the sliced mushrooms, add the chopped spinach for a minute. Spread over cheeses in pan.

Beat eggs, wisk in the milk & cream, add hot sauce if desired.

Bake for 15 minutes @ 425 degrees then lower heat to 300 degrees. Bake for 25 - 30 minutes until a knife inserted in the center comes out clean.

Pumpkin Risotto a la Helene

1 Pie Pumpkin (has to be a pie pumpkin, not a carving one)

Arborial Rice; wine, broth or water

Cheese; munster, cheddar, brie, etc.

Optional Additions: asparagas, broccoli, peppers

Cut top of pumpkin as a lid. Clean out innards and scape clean.


Brush inside with worcheshire, set aside.


Make risotto (slow cook rice, gradually adding in your liquid of choice), or grab your favorite rice box mix and prepare according to package directions.


Spoon the risotto into the pumpkin shell, replace the top.


Bake the pumpkin in a 350 degree oven for about an hour until a toothpick pierces the skin and the pumpkin is tender.


To serve add grated or chunked cheese, stir lightly to mix. Pieces of steamed vegetable can be added.


Serve by scraping chunks of pumpkin from the sides along with the risotto.

Jeweled Fruit -or- Candied Fruit

To accompany the rich Cheese - Spinach pie Jeweled Fruit make a lovely light palate cleaner. Simple to do, can be made ahead and refrigerated until serving.


Strawberries, grapes, blueberries, small apples or plums. Wash and dry fruit well. Insert toothpicks as ‘handles’ for each piece of fruit.


Line a cookie sheet with wax or parchment paper.


Make Simple Sugar Syrup


2 cups granulated sugar to 1 cup water


Mix and bring to a boil, stirring until sugar dissolves. Continue boiling until surface is covered with bubbles (140 degrees on a candy thermometer).

METHOD 1: Cool syrup to room temperature, brush cooled syrup onto fruit with a clean paint brush or pastry brush. Immediately roll fruit in large crystal sugar. Refrigerate immediately. Grapes are lovely frozen - cold and sweet and crunchy.

METHOD 2: Reduce heat on syrup to low. Lower fruit into hot syrup, spin to coat and put on wax paper or parchment paper. Syrup hardens to a shell in minutes.

Keep chilled.

Lazy Girl ‘Jeweled’ Fruit

Wash fruit but do not dry completely. Dip damp fruit in large crystal sugar covering all sides. Chill or freeze — serve!

Chireseye (Cherry Pudding)

To make Chireseye, take cherries from the Feast of St John the Baptist and remove the pits. Grind them in a mortar, and then press them hard through a sieve to extract all their juices; put this in a pot and put in good fat or butter and good white bread, plenty of sugar, ad some wine. And when it is thick and serve up on plates, stud it with cloves and sprinkle with sugar.

‘Diversa Servicia’

Redaction from ‘The Medieval Kitchen’

1-1/2 pound ripe cherries -OR- 3 cups of Tart Cherry Juice (look in bottled juices)

2 slices dry white bread or white GF bread (bake in oven if it isn’t dry)

1/2 cup sugar plus 1 tablespoon for garnish

5 oz good red wine (Bordeaux, Port, Rose)


Stem & pit the cherries; puree them in a blender then strain through a fine sieve to extract as much juice as possible.


Remove the crusts from the bread and cut into small pieces. In a heavy saucepan combine the bread, cherry juice, wine, sugar and butter.

Bring to a boil and then simmer over low heat for 10 to 15 minutes until the mixture thickens and the bread falls apart and swells binding the dessert into a creamy pudding.

Turn into a serving bowl and chill well. Sprinkle sugar over the top to serve!

Comment: the amount of juice is never given so you may have to add more bread, cook longer, etc. The final product should be a lovely translucent red that reminds you of a gelatin dessert.

Can be made with sweet red cherries/juice, Queen Anne Cherries w/white wine, tart pie cherries with a richer red wine like Port.

Bird Nest’s Pudding


Vanilla Creme Anglais or Pudding


Cherry Sauce


Egg White Meringue Cookie


I found a reference to this pudding while researching Gulak aka Medieval Goulash. Combined it with Floating Islands and made it for feast service by putting it into shot glasses.

Creme Anglaise or what vanilla pudding wants to be when it grows up!

Our recipe is from Joy of Cooking. Worth the extra trouble but it does take time and a steady hand. Can be made ahead and chilled.

* Make Vanilla Instant Pudding with half ‘n half instead of milk for a quicker version.

* Use good cherry jam or make a cherry coulis sauce by putting canned sweet cherries in a blender or processor and blending until smooth.


In a champagne flute or shot glass layer pudding with cherry sauce or jam. Put a meringue cookie on the top.

Gulak aka Guluag or Goulash

1-1/2 pound of beef: round steak, stew meat, hamburger all work


Should feed 6 if you are doing ALL the feast. Scale up/down if you are skipping the veggies, want more meat. You can substitute Chicken, Turkey, TVP meat substitute.

1 parsnip, 2 carrots, 1 turnip or rutabaga  (choose what you like — lots of veggies, one veggie, a mix of vegies, etc.)

2 onions

1/4 cup Paprika

1 cup beef broth or vegetable broth or water

You will see sweet & spicy. I usually mix equal parts of both but either sweet or spicy will work according to your taste buds.

Olive Oil  (any good vegetable oil will work also)

Slice and chop the onions. Dice the vegetables into similar sized pieces.

Cut meat into stew sized pieces. Smaller pieces makes for a more intense flavor!

Heat 2 tablespoons of oil and cook onions until translucent. Remove from pan. Add another tablespoon of oil and add all the paprika; let the spice warm gently but not burn! Add the meat pieces and sear, stirring the meat so all the pieces are covered with the spice.

Put the seared meat, onions, vegetables and enough broth to come up to the top but not cover in an over proof covered dish (or use foil to cover). Heat at 350 for an hour or until the vegetables are tender.

Serve over noodles or rice or a piece of bread to soak up the juices!

Sky Blue Sauce for summer.

From ‘Libro de arte Coquinaria’  by Maestro Martino

Take some of the wild blackberries that grow in hedgerows and some thoroughly pounded almonds, with a little ginger. And moisten these things with verjuice and strain through a sieve.

Redaction from The Medieval Kitchen adapted by Gabriella

Cerulean Blue Sauce with Fish

6 small fillets of cod or other white fish (skinless)




1 quart blackberries

1/3 cup blanched almonds

2/3 cup verjuice -or- mix of 2 parts cinder vinegar to 1 part water

1/4 inch slice fresh ginger, peeled


Puree the blackberries in a food processor or food mill and strain the juice, pressing to extract as much liquid as possible. In a mortar or in a blender grind the almonds and ginger.


Combine with the blackberry juice. Contact with the air will turn the mixture a dark blue. Add the verjuice and strain again. Add salt to taste.

Melt butter in a skillet and saute the cod fillets lightly on each side. Drizzle the blue sauce over the fish fillets just before you serve them.


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