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Published July 29 2020:

The SCA has extended the suspension of all in-person events through the end of January 2021. Variances are possible at the kingdom level for some local meetings, but no variances have been announced to date in the Outlands.

Published July 6 2020:

The Crown has extended the suspension through the end of August.

Published May 20 2020:

The Crown has extended the suspension through the end of July. Battlemoor is cancelled:

Published Apr 22 2020:


The Crown has extended the suspension through the end of May:

Published Mar 25 2020:


The Crown has indicated that all physical activity in the Outlands will be suspended until April 30th.

Published Mar 13 2020:

Stone Wolves!

The safety of our Pack is of the utmost importance to the barony of Unser Hafen. In an effort to help keep this barony healthy and happy it has been decided to suspend all official baronial events for the time being. This includes fighter practice. The CSU campus is closed not
only for Spring Break but also until April 10th. At that time the university will re-evaluate whether or not to re-open campus. Baron Aegeon is in direct contact with the college and will update us as necessary.

The populace meeting originally scheduled for March 18th is now moved to March 25th and will take place via virtual means (more on this to follow later). During the extra week before the populace meeting please continue to discuss pro/cons of parks for summer fighter practice along with discussing if we should move our fighter practices outdoors early (considering we would only have two Sundays in the field house, if allowed to return after April 10th).

We encourage everyone to take all necessary precautions to preserve one's health, especially if you are someone at higher risk. No one will take it amiss if you choose to maintain social distance. If you are unwell or have been around others who are ill, please stay home and take
care of yourself.

In Service,
Vigdis Knarrarbringa
Seneschal of Unser Hafen

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