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Our Baronage and Their Retinue


His Excellency Freana, Baron of Unser Hafen

Her Excellency Richenda, Baroness of Unser Hafen

Members of Their Excellencies' Court

Head of Household

Her Honor Safiyya bint Faris al Dani

Court Heralds

Sir Felix Sniumi

Champions of Unser Hafen

Defender (Armored Combat)

Lord Lycus (of Stag’s Pass)

Protector (Rapier Combat)

Don Andreas

Warden (Archery)

Sir Rand the Tracker

Equerry (Equestrian/Horse)

Lady Amina (and her steed Venus)

Arts & Sciences Champion

Lady Euphemia de Argyll

Pencerdd Bard

Lord Vagn Egilsson

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