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White Rose Inn

The White Rose Inn is open!

On the 2nd Wednesday of every month at 6:30pm, the White Rose Inn will open for an
evening of warmth and hospitality in Unser Hafen. If you a
re interested in medieval food, there will be a short talk and things to taste test. Bring along and share your own culinary experiments if you want.

Not into cooking? Come test what others have made. Or just come and hang out and share your scintillating conversation. Don't live in Unser Hafen? You are welcome as well.

Come Taste, Test, And Talk.​

No SCA garb is required, and you are welcome to bring along food if you
didn’t have time for dinner.​

The Inn will rotate between Fort Collins, Loveland, and Greeley.

Wednesday Mar. 13, 2024

The Inn will be at the home of Baroness Safiyya bint Faris al Dani and Baron Nicolaao Machado
1805 Fairacre Rd, Greeley
 (the house is around the corner from 1805 Fairacre Dr, Greeley)
Phone (970) 405-6247

Subject: St. Patrick and medieval Irish Food

Wednesday Apr. 10, 2024

The Inn will be at the home of Baroness Hélène Boudin
2114 42nd Ave, Greeley
Phone (970) 590-7602

Subject: What to take Camping


Baroness Richenda and Baron Freana:

Countess Rosalind and Master Thorfinn:

Baroness Safiyya bint Faris al Dani and Baron Nicolaao Machado


Baroness Hélène Boudin

Guidelines for what to bring to the White Rose Inn:
  • Include an ingredient list if you can and your name so we know who to go to if it was particularly yummy. Place it by your dish.

  • Keep your food cold or warm as needed. Sometimes we will have the use of a kitchen, but not always. There may (or may not be) refrigeration. Take care of your food until you are asked to put it out. Sometimes there will be a drop off table for things that can stay at room temperature. Contact the Event Steward if needed.

  • Write your name on the bottom of your serving dish.

  • Serve it on/in a medivalish dish. Don’t plop it on the table in a plastic bowl or in the packaging it came in. Pick up a medivalish plate or bowl from the thrift store to serve stuff in.

  • Cut things into serving sizes. If you are bringing a pie, slice it up beforehand or no one will eat it.

  • We are trying to create the ambiance of the Middle Ages. Every little bit helps. That atmosphere is not helped by having to stare at a Lay’s Potato Chip bags (which by the way YOU SHOULD NOT BE BRINGING !!!!) 

  • Try to find things appropriate to your persona or your country of interest. One of the easiest ways to experience the pre 1600’s world is through food of the period. Remember, just because chocolate was available from South America does not mean that fluffy chocolate cupcakes (although delicious and I will absolutely eat them) are “period”. 


Modern to buy on the way to the event (will pass)

  • Summer sausage

  • Rotisserie Chicken

  • Cheese and Crackers

  • Prosciutto wrapped around cheese

  • Carrots and Hummus

  • Smoked salmon, kippers etc with crackers

  • Pita and hummus

  • Fruit

  • Bakery items that don’t look modern. Skip the cookies and cupcakes and look for hand pies or Mexican Pastries

  • Stuffed Grape Leaves – Dolmas 

  • Quiche

  • Salad Kit 


Modern to make (will pass)


Medieval to make 


Definition :“New” world vs “Old” World 

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