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Unser Hafen Officers



THL Eithne ingen Fhaelain Duib


Mistress Ursula d'Arcy


Public Relations and Welcome Coordinator

Lady Elsbeth the Dark


Assists members with their names and creating their devices

Don Andreas von Meißen

Knight Marshal

(Martial Arts Coordinator)
Sir Uchtred Liefsson

Marshal of Fence

(Fencing Coordinator)
Don Martin de Cuniga

Captain of Archers

(Archery Coordinator)
Lord Marc of Unser Hafen

Lord Roland Colby (Deputy Elect)

Minister of Arts and Sciences

Minister of Arts and Sciences

Countess Kitta Ragnvaldsdottir

Baronial Content and Media Team (Pilot program pending)
Chronicler, Social Media, Webminister Officers
Content creators, Media moderators
Interested in joining the Team?  Reach out to


Publishes the monthly Baronial Newsletter -  'The Gatekeeper'

Lady Caillech (Kayla) Dhe Silvertongue

Social Media

Manages social media accounts such as Facebook


Maintains this website.

Equestrian Coordinator

Coordinates the organization and safety of equestrian activities

Lady Cecilia Juetta

Baronial Scribe

Lady Regalis dei Falchi


Deputy Baronial Scribe

Lord Galen FitzThomas



Maintains and tracks equipment and assists Event Stewards with access to the storage unit.

Lord Galen FitzThomas

Gold Key

Provides loaner costumes for newcomers

Josias Stylites

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